Mission-Driven Loans

Mission-driven loans are offered by institutions committed to supporting job-creating enterprises in underbanked and low-income communities where other financial opportunities may be limited or include rates that are not favorable to the borrower. While these loans may be similar in structure to loans offered by other institutions, mission-driven lenders sometimes mentor applicants through the lending process, often with the goal of helping small business owners with thin credit files eventually qualify for bank funding. The loans provided by mission-driven lenders (depending on institution) may be fixed-rate or adjustable-rate, which gives borrowers more options. (Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) are a type of mission-driven lender that is certified by the US Department of Treasury’s CDFI Fund).

  • Lower credit scores may be accepted
  • Include fixed- or adjustable- rate loans
  • Helps build business credit
  • May include mentoring from lending expert
Things to consider: 
  • Longer approval times
  • Extensive paperwork
  • May require collateral
  • Repayment terms vary
Credit Score Requirements: 
Annual Interest Rates: 
6% – 7%
Turnaround Time: 
6 weeks

Loan amounts

Loan range: 
$250-$500 000