Wisconsin Saves Automatic Saving Initiative

Wisconsin Saves is a new automatic saving initiative that launched in April 2021 for employers in Wisconsin. As part of a national pilot program, Wisconsin Saves is designed to encourage millions of Wisconsinites to establish emergency savings accounts through the automated saving strategy of split deposit. Below is an overview of what small businesses need to know about the program.

Who qualifies to participate in Wisconsin Saves?

  • Any employer in Wisconsin is eligible to use Wisconsin Saves as long as they pay their employees using direct deposit. 
  • The initiative supports small and medium-sized employers in Wisconsin. By offering this easy-to-use financial wellness benefit, employers can motivate their employees, particularly those with lower-to-middle income wages, to save automatically with split deposits, especially for emergencies. 
  • This program will allow employers to stand out from the competition, and help their staff save in an easy and effective way. 

How does the program work?

Once employers sign up for the program, they will receive:

  • Three easy-to-use tools requiring minimal effort to educate your employees about split direct deposit.
  • Digital items to support communication efforts with your employees such as emails, video and blog articles. 
  • A Wisconsin Saves participation badge to proudly display to your employees, potential employees and business partners.

How can employers sign up for Wisconsin Saves?

Employers can sign up at autosave.wisconsinsaves.org to receive a suite of ready-to-use resources to help them promote split deposit among their employees. 

Where can I find more information?

For questions regarding Wisconsin Saves, please contact Tasha Brown, Midwest Director at tbrown@smallbusinessmajority.org.