Otros recursos COVID-19

A medida que evolucionan los desarrollos en respuesta a la propagación de COVID-19, sabemos que muchas pequeñas empresas tienen preguntas sobre las implicaciones dentro del lugar de trabajo, y las opciones de financiación que ayuden a impulsar sus negocios durante este momento difícil. En esta página estamos recopilando consejos y recursos relevantes como desempleo, licencia familiar remunerada, licencia por enfermedad remunerada, atención médica y más.

COVID-19 inicio Préstamos y subvenciones de emergencia Otros recursos

New Mexico

Anderson School of Management

Accelerating your Profit and Purpose: A Disciplined Approach

"Accelerating your Profit and Purpose: A Disciplined Approach" is a 10-month workshop series for entrepreneurs from any industry, based on the book Disciplined Entrepreneurship by Bill Aulet. The series begins August 26, 2023, and ends in June of 2024. Sessions will be held in the Higher Ed Center two Saturday mornings per month, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., with mentor meetings from 12 to 1 p.m. Participants commit to attending the Saturday workshops and completing work throughout the program.

Area served: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Audience: Small Business Owners


Department of Environmental Protection

Small Business Advantage Grant

The Small Business Advantage Grant provides reimbursement grants ranging from 50% to 80% of eligible project costs to Pennsylvania small businesses to improve energy efficiency or reduce pollution or waste by upgrading or replacing equipment or supplies; improving processes; or reducing runoff into affected waterways. Maximum grant award amounts between $5,000-$8,000, based on the environmental impact of the project and whether the project location is in an Environmental Justice Area in Pennsylvania.

Area served: Pennsylvania
Audience: Small Business Owners


Black Brand

B-Force Accelerator

A 12-week intensive for black and Latinx businesses that are at least 2 years old to prepare them for capital access. Must be located in Norfolk.

Area served: Norfolk, Virginia
Audience: Small Business Owners


Good Business Colorado Association

Resilient Restaurant's Payroll & Wage Model Calculator

Resilient Restaurants has created a pro forma payroll calculator and wage model assessment tool designed to inform restaurant leadership about the best equitable compensation model for their business and staff. Businesses submit their current staff positions, their wages and weekly hours for entry into the ReHire Calculator, then set up a consultation to review the reports we will provide free of charge.

Area served: Colorado
Audience: Small Business Owners


Los Angeles County

Financial Navigators Program

The L.A. County Financial Navigators program is designed to help L.A. County residents deal with the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing remote assistance in navigating critical financial issues and making referrals to other social services and resources.

Area served: California
Audience: Small Business Owners


Cybertrust America

Digital SafetyNet Accelerator

Digital SafetyNet Accelerator matches businesses with the most suitable digital capabilities enabled by professional volunteers & interns for free.

Area served: California
Audience: Small Business Owners

New York



Spread is a commission-free food delivery service that lets customers order from local restaurants.

Area served: New York City, New York
Audience: Small Business Owners

Association for Enterprise Opportunity

Bpeace AEO U.S. Maximizer Program

The Bpeace AEO Maximizer is a highly competitive opportunity that links Black, minority and women-owned businesses in the United States with a private team of industry and business experts. Consulting with these experts will help you further grow your business and preserve and create more jobs. 

Area served:
Audience: Small Business Owners

District of Columbia

D.C. Department of Employment Services

Preguntas frecuentes sobre la Ley de Enfermedad Pagada de D.C.

La acumulación de la licencia por enfermedad pagada es obligatoria en Washington, D.C. Visite el sitio web para consultar las preguntas frecuentes del empleador sobre la licencia por enfermedad pagada.

Area served: District of Columbia
Audience: Small Business Owners, Employees


ECHO Housing

Tenant/Landlord Counseling Program

ECHO's Tenant/Landlord Counseling Program provides information to tenants and landlords on their housing rights and responsibilities.  Additionally, ECHO has trained mediators to assist in resolving housing disputes through conciliation and mediation. The primary objective of the program is to build awareness of housing laws and prevent homelessness.

Area served: California
Audience: Small Business Owners, Non-profits