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Lista de Comprobación de Solicitud de Préstamo

Eres el dueño y cabeza de tu pequeño negocio quien dirige todo. Entiendes que el tiempo es dinero, y estar preparado puede recortar el tiempo que lleva conseguir un préstamo para un pequeño negocio. Aunque siempre andes de prisa, nuestra lista digital es fácil de usar y diseñada para plataformas móviles, y puede ayudar a prepararte y mantenerte organizado durante el proceso de solicitar un préstamo.

Loan Application Checklist

You’re the CEO of your small business – the Chief Everything Officer. You understand that time = money, and being prepared can shorten the time it takes to get a small business loan. Even when you’re on the go, our mobile friendly, easy-to-use digital checklist, also called a loan package, can help you get prepared, and stay organized, during your loan application process.

If you need help creating any of the items in this checklist, visit our Resources page to find a business assistance organization in your area that can help you.

Great advice is easy to get during Small Business Week

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY.

Rhonda Abrams, Special for USA TODAY

America loves small business, and from April 29 to May 5, America observes “Small Business Week,” dedicated to recognizing the best small-business owners and entrepreneurs.

I also want to recognize the best small-business support in the country: the consultants of America’s SBDC — Small Business Development Center — network.

What Small Businesses Want Most for National Small Business Week 2018

National Small Business Week, which began on Sunday, April 29 and runs through Saturday, May 5, is a time to highlight the role small businesses play in our economy. Small businesses represent 99% of all employer firms and account for half of our nation’s jobs and economic output. Innovation by small businesses spurs growth throughout the entire economy and boosts prosperity in their local communities, and NSBW is an important time to celebrate these contributions.