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Navegar las opciones de pequeñas empresas de retiro

Cuando trabaja para una empresa grande, las decisiones sobre el ahorro para la jubilación a menudo se toman por usted: su empleador probablemente le ofrezca algún tipo de cuenta de ahorros que le brinde beneficios fiscales para que ahorre para la jubilación, e incluso puede igualar cualquier contribución que ingrese en esa cuenta. Pero cuando usted es propietario de una pequeña empresa, debe navegar solo por el proceso de ahorro para la jubilación, lo que puede ser estresante. Puede parecer aún más complicado si tiene empleados y necesita establecer un plan usted mismo.

Missouri music teacher helps clients find their voice

Plenty of entrepreneurs like to think of their business as one of a kind, but for Dr. Heather Nelson it might actually be true. Heather owns Heather Nelson Studio in Springfield, Mo. Heather’s unique musical training certainly qualifies her as a piano and vocal teacher, but she primarily works with those suffering from vocal injuries. While her typical clients range from novices to professional vocalists, Heather also provides vocal regimens and techniques to those who have damaged their vocal cords or been diagnosed with nodes or polyps to help them sing again.

California farmers cultivate employee satisfaction by offering healthcare

How did Stepheni Norton, a military veteran, go from active duty, to farmer, to successful entrepreneur over the course of just six years? 

In February 2012, Stepheni and her husband Mike, who is also a military veteran, purchased the Wallace D. Dickinson homestead in National City, Calif. When they bought the property, Stepheni was preparing for a 10-month deployment, and after a seemingly harmless tick bite, she was unknowingly experiencing the early symptoms of Lyme disease. After being left untreated for two and a half years, Stepheni was finally diagnosed in 2014.